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Tim Safiullin

CEO & Media Producer​

Tim is a professional video producer with a passion for video/film and post-production. Since 2012, Tim has been dedicated to creating a wide range of
works in commercial and art fields. 

He has produced commercial videos for companies such as Hodges and the Department of Justice, music clips, and short films. 

Tim is an owner of “Get Video Production,” which he established in August 2018.

As a full-time trader, Tim’s responsibilities include interacting with clients to gather requirements and refine the product. He has created fully-produced commercial and corporate videos for various companies, and his expertise in post-production has allowed him to excel in editing, color correction, and audio mixing. Additionally, he is skilled in 2D/3D animation and visual effects, recording and editing interviews and videos for public consumption, and capturing high-end video in various situations, including manufacturing, indoor/outdoor videography, sport, and office. He has experience using a variety of gear to fill project needs, including cameras, wireless mics, lenses, lighting, and steadicams.
In addition to his video production work, Tim is a film producer, director of photography, and film director. Since August 2007, he has been writing scripts, drawing storyboards, planning production, casting, mentoring crew and actors, leading rehearsals, directing, operating the camera, editing, and promoting films to international festivals.
Tim has a Bachelor of Film and Television from Swinburne University, and an Advanced Diploma of Screen and Interactive Media from RMIT, where he was awarded the Award of Excellence. His skills and knowledge include soft skills such as communication, collaboration, positive attitude, and being a self-starter. He also possesses hard skills such as equipment operation, drone piloting, video editing, picture compositing, qualified lighting, color grading, 3D tracking of video, compositing with visual 2D/3D effects, and chroma-key workouts.
Tim has received various awards for his films, including “The Suburb’s Nocturne,” a comedy film that won Best Comedy at the Sweden Film Awards, Best Cinematography at the Sweden Film Awards, and Best Comedy at the Silk Road Film Awards in Cannes. He also received the Diamond Award for Best Narrative at the California Film Awards for “Crossway,” a drama film he produced and directed.

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